We have a room that you can use free of charge.  The room is about 9' x 10'.  It has a 2.5' x 6' table, that can seat 8 people around the table.

We do have a game room for the kids to use, if the parents choose.  The games are 25 cents - $1.00.

Discounted soda and popcorn are available in kids sizes.

You can bring in a cake and your own soda, or whatever you want inside the party room.  We do not have a freezer, so we cannot store ice cream cakes.  We ask that you do not bring the party room refreshments outside of the party room.

You can reserve this room by calling Jim Fitzpatrick at 660-665-5684 (theater), or 660-342-1328 (cell).  We will need to know the date, showtime, and movie you will attend, the amount of people attending, and whether you want the party before, or after, the movie.  We will put you on the calendar and have the room ready for your arrival.

Feel free to call me, at the numbers listed above, with pricing questions!!!

Jim Fitzpatrick